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$175 For 40-50 Photos any Sq.Ft.

$275 For Photos & Matterport 3D Tour

$250 Google 3D Business Virtual Tour

Add $75 3D Virtual Staging per Scan

Add $50 2D Virtual Staging per image

No Travel Fee up to 50 miles!

Buffalo NY Matterport 3D scanning and virtual tours
Realtypix360 are Google Trusted Pro photographers for hire for business virtual tours and photography
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GET YOUR BUSINESS SEEN & Crush it! No other Photographer in Buffalo & WNY has my impact with over 175+ MILLION Views of my local content on Google Maps!

Realtypix360 Real Estate Photography & Matterport Virtual Tour Bundle $275 up to 5,000 SF (50% off)

Facts. Consumers want great clear images that show the space, but they also want a 3D virtual walkthrough to get a very accurate inspection of a property, like being there in person. You sell more homes, attract more listings and get more money this way. Some agents are reluctant, but thankfully, the solution is easy to tackle since I make it affordable so the cost doesn't stand in the way of your success.

A real differentiator. Unlike video, a Matterport 3D digital twin of any space is real magic and allows people to mentally step inside, stop look & move around, go from floor to floor, measure the space or things in it, and take mental ownership. 3D virtual reality goggles can also be used to view our tours, so literally, a Relo client in California can walk through a house for sale in Buffalo - or the agent can load it into Zoom video conferencing (and others), and conduct a live virtual open house on demand, and possibly get an offer! Can you do that now?

Together, photos and 3D virtual tours are the perfect pair to accurately market a property where people can effectively view and tour, and then make an informed decision. Real estate pictures work great, but to attract new listings and satisfy millennials, and home sellers looking for tech-savvy agents. Not to worry, we do all the work for you & we're super affordable!

40-50 professional interior & exterior photos produced with our Nikon full-frame wide-camera format & Matterport 3D virtual tour with a video highlight reel that will impress and provide an immersive digital experience they will remember.

$275 Up to 5,000 SF Wow, a great deal!

*limited offer expires 10/15/21


Save up to $4,000 in staging costs!

Book today with Chris at RealtyPix360 and hire the best for the results you were looking for. Shooting crisp and stunning real estate photography, Commercial Real Estate & 3D Matterport virtual tours for 5 years all over the Buffalo Niagara region is our expertise. Our work is vital to several industries and powers our client's business with smart property technology that enables people to gather serious information about properties and businesses, through unique 3D visual experiences and photography. We have 5-star reviews and references on request. High standards describe our quality, and our remarkably low rates make hiring us easy and within reach, so you can market a property brilliantly, and discover reward our clients with great results every day! We shoot more million dollar listings than our competition.

Just photos, we do that if you don't want a virtual tour. Hire us for professional real estate photos, and keep your cell phone for calling and texting, all the leads you'll get as a savvy agent. If you're selling or leasing property in Amherst, Niagara Falls, Buffalo, the Southern Tier, and everywhere in between give us a call first. Our gear is the best, Nikon for photos and virtual tours from Matterport.

By appointment only, but we offer you on-call bookings during the week for flexibility. Most jobs are completed within 24-48 hours and are MLS approved.

As a pro photographer & virtual tour creator, I hope to work with you on your next project. With 25 years of experience in Digital Marketing selling online, 45 years of exposure to real estate locally & an active member of the real estate tech marketing community, I got your back if you sell real estate or run a retail business. Inman says photos and virtual tours are the essential real estate marketing tools agents must deploy in 2021.



Explore a Matterport 3D virtual tour for yourself.


Great property images influence shoppers and help set you up for success. A good photo should tell a story. We use Nikon professional cameras to capture HDR images of interiors and exteriors for properties, businesses, and site inspections. Top agents use wide-angle images to convey accurately the size, and the scope of the space.


Pictures are great, but a Matterport 3D virtual tour is a digital twin of a space. It's the world's most famous dollhouse. Making you feel like you are actually present, giving a clear representation of what is there, perfect for multiple applications, such as real estate and for businesses looking for more visibility on Google maps. Xactimate, .OBJ, .XYZ files available. Fully MLS compliant with branded & unbranded & MLS versions. All our Matterport tours are virtual reality headwear ready.


Can your customers tour your business online, or are you forcing them to come to you? 50% of searches are mobile, 85% of all search is through Google, so what a better idea than to hire Google Trusted Pro photographers to create a Google virtual tour of your business for Maps & search that will bring new life to your places listing. We develop and manage your Google My Business listing, help you create buzz. Matterport technology is superior for 3D tours, we port your tours directly to Google, and we'll keep your doors open 24/7.

Who do we work for?

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Hello future client - our Real Estate Photography, 3D Virtual Tour and Real Estate Video services superpower online content, and benefit the real world needs of a variety of stakeholders in the Buffalo NY market right now. Realtypix360 is the creative media studio for Chris Kivi. For real estate agents, small business & retail seeking greater exposure, our content has been seen locally over 110 million times on Google search, maps and often rank first on Google searches! We have the knack, knowledge, experience and equipment to proceed on your project and get you results.

We keep it simple, do the hard work and keep pricing super-low, since referrals are our #1 source of new business. It's time to experience the power photos, virtual tours and video combined have in greatly improving your property marketing efforts. We love tech, and so do your customers. For virtual tours, we create accurate 3D digital twins with Matterport, and at the peak of a public health scare, virtual tours seem a fitting remedy to gap distancing issues for many affected. No longer a fad however, 360° virtual tours are now in high demand by sellers, buyers, millennials and do a really good job showing what a space is like, and for Zillow, our customers are dominating with a special icon that is an eye magnet.

Our photographer travels to complete projects within 100 miles of the Buffalo NY area, so please give us a call or text (716) 770-8030 to connect.

Our top services requested are Photography, 360° Virtual Tours & videos for real estate listings, or adding a 3D virtual tour of a business on Google maps. There's no downside, your listing and business can be walked through anytime, day or night and never closes. You can't do that with just pictures..

What we do is shoot and create the actual photo and virtual tour content that populates websites you visit directly online, or find on searches, or on Google maps. We have credentials that exclusive. This is our 4th year as Matterport service providers and Zillow certified photographers. We are Google Trusted Pro photographers, and create virtual tours of business and retail spaces with the same Matterport tech we use for our real estate virtual tours. We are good at getting people seen, and as a Top Google local guide in Buffalo, have created content that's had 110,000,000+ million engagement views across 1,000+ properties and companies around WNY.

We do take our craft seriously, and will help you show off your space or place very effectively & realistically 24 hours a day online. Social distancing & inclement weather is not a challenge because a virtual open house or a Google business virtual tour never closes. You can even show a house to another person across the world, and ask for the offer, because it's that real!.

Getting you more eyeballs is our 20+ years selling success in the digital space, and passion for what we do. Inman says that virtual tours better be a part of your real estate marketing plan. We agree. Book a shoot with us, and gain increased visibility of listings, quickly find dominance on Zillow, enjoy built in SEO that Google loves page 1. It's a fact virtual tours really do a great job representing what a space is really like, and that engagement fills a need in the market, leads to high conversion rates, faster closing times, higher sold prices, and your imminent success to attract new listing clients.

Our affordable photography & 3D virtual tour solutions bridge the social distance gap for real estate agents and small business with a virtual experience all age groups can enjoy online on any device. Crisp wide angle photos present a space accurately, and immersive 3D virtual tours offer something that is fresh, and engaging to millennials and everyone for that matter. People are staying home, but our solutions allow you to thrive online, where the action is.D scanniing

We make it easy for you to tap into the social gap with a virtual presence. Ensuring high quality images and 3D virtual tours are at the core of your online presence takes just one call to 716-770-8030.

Our agents attract relo customers using VR headsets, and can show anytime.

Are you ready to open more doors?

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